By developing an exclusive area to meet the interests of businessmen, farmers and rural companies, Cesar Peres Corporate Law offers one of the most effective, complete and personalized consultancy services in the market geared towards agribusiness activities.


With professionals providing different specializations, such as Tax, Environmental, Agricultural Contracts, Labor and Investment and Business Management, the Cesar Peres differential is to aggregate in a single place, professionals who deeply understand the reality of agribusiness while at the same time acting strategically and in an agile manner to reduce risks and promote the growth of rural enterprises.

Environmental Sector Highlights

  • Rural Environmental Registry;
  • Regularization of protected areas;
  • Obtaining environment licenses;
  • Defense against interpellation due to environmental crime;
  • Negotiation and intermediation with regulatory agencies and Public Prosecutor's Office.


Environmental Sector

The 2012 Forestry Code, as well as bringing innovations, also brought complicating factors and challenges for the agricultural entrepreneur. For this reason, it is crucial to rely on a consultancy service able to indicate a feasible path for Handling Environmental legislation, while at the same time allowing the economic viability of the agro-industry with legal certainty.

Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector Highlights

Count on the knowledge and experience of the Cesar Peres team for the preventive and intelligent use of Agricultural Law, guaranteeing better gains and sustainability for your rural business activities.

  • Agricultural partnership, lease and integration contracts;
  • Rural usucaption;
  • Land regularization.

Investment and Business Management

Debt restructuring, charges and legal executions, barter operations, analysis and elaborating contracts and businesses involving specific titles of the rural sector (CPR, CDA/WA, CDCA, LCA and CRA) are some of the services that Cesar Peres Corporate Law understand in relation to the management of investment and business aimed at the agricultural sector. Having specialized legal advice on the peculiarities of the agro-industrial business is a fundamental competitive advantage, allowing for an increase in profitability from business activities within the field.

Labor Management

Labor-related risks are inherent to any business activity, however, through the intensive use of manpower, these risks are even more pronounced in rural areas. Relying on a specific legislation (Law 5.889/73, among others), the rural workforce requires strategic management, a situation in which specialized legal consultancy makes all the difference. Cesar Peres Corporate Law advises and represents rural employers in judicial and extrajudicial claims, together with the Labor Ministry and Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment, offering farmers support and security.

Tax Management

The complexity of tax legislation in general, and of agribusiness in particular, requires  monitoring by competent specialists, avoiding tax losses such as excess tax payments or, even more serious, the creation of a tax liability accompanied by heavy fines that may even make the business unfeasible.

Lucrative rural activity should include tax planning and fiscal opportunities, sectors in which our clients can also rely on the safety and experience of the Cesar Peres team.


  • Tax litigation;
  • Formulation of formal consultations on the interpretation of tax legislation with the competent bodies;
  • Obtainment special taxation schemes, installments and tax incentives;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Tax Recovery;
  • Full assessment of tax and social security credits.


Business and Property Planning

Business and Property Planning Highlights

  • With the use of Business Law applied to agribusiness, it is also possible to establish succession, future organization and management of the assets of rural enterprises;
  • The same principle applies to the formation of a family holding company, creating, for example, a protection mechanism against the intervention of third parties, unrelated to the family, in relation to the management and assets of the agrarian business.

Of all business activities, rural is the most risky. Thus, our team provides business options, which together with agrarian law, act to structure the rural activity in a professional and technical way.




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