Strategic Payment Recovery

Focused on negotiated solutions and aiming to obtain concrete results, the Cesar Peres team identifies and develops effective judicial and extrajudicial measures to produce fast outcomes in relation to pending debt situations, including:

  • Prior analysis of debtors' financial situation;
  • Sponsorship of enforcement, collection, confiscation, searches and seizures, repossession, bankruptcy petitions and other judicial measures;
  • Search and location of personnel and assets across national territory;
  • Challenges and objections to judicial recovery plans.


Cesar Peres Corporate Law provides specialized assistance in matters related to public entities such as administrative contracts and bids, including the concession, permission and authorization of services, privatization processes and receipt of payments along with public administration.

Commercial Sector

This sector's services are aimed at increasing operational results by analyzing various aspects of commercial legislation that offer benefits towards the company's operations, such as review of bonds and contracts, credit instruments, industrial property and judicial recoveries.

Administrative Sector

Administrative Sector Highlights

  • Administrative legislation consultancy;
  • Elaboration of opinions and answers to consultations on administrative and constitutional law;
  • Public bidding consultancy;
  • Public service concessions and permits;
  • Administrative contract analysis;
  • Analysis of bidding documents and bidding processes and proposal development consultancy;
  • Elaboration of challenges to bidding documents, appeals, defenses and challenges to the qualification of competitors;
  • Analysis and guidance on regulatory acts, ordinances and regulations issued by ministries, secretariats, regulatory agencies, departments and public administration entities in general, in order to clarify the necessary conditions for the implementation and/or development of business activities, as well as conduct standards to be observed;
  • Proposed legal measures pertinent to administrative law, such as writ of mandamus, declaratory action, annulment action, among others.

Litigation Sector

Focusing on economic and corporate issues, the Cesar Peres team is ready, through judicial and administrative measures, for the procedural defense of its clients, guaranteeing rights and preventing violations.

Including the monitoring and administration of lawsuits, Litigation Sector services also include:

  • Competition;
  • Environmental law;
  • Supplier rights;
  • Financial law;
  • Corporate law;
  • Labor law;
  • Tax law;
  • Bankruptcy and company recovery;
  • Public bids;
  • Obligations;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Real estate issues;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability.

Industrial Property Sector

Industrial Property Sector Highlights (with the following organizations)


  • Pesticides
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Tobacco products
  • Pharmaceutical inputs
  • Medications
  • Health products
  • Sanitizing products
  • Operation authorizations (OA)
  • Specific operating authorizations (SOA)



  • Brands
  • Patents
  • Industrial designs
  • Geographic indications
  • Computer programs
  • Circuit topography
  • Technological information
  • Technology agreements


  • Copyrights


  • Domains

Cesar Peres Corporate Law maintains a specialized and exclusive division for the protection and management of its clients' intellectual assets together with organizations protecting trademarks, patents, industrial designs, geographical indications, computer programs, circuit topography, technological information, technology contracts, among others.

Corporate Sector

Legal assistance offered to companies and associations, as well as matters that concern partners and shareholders, is another sector in which the Cesar Peres client can rely on the expertise of an experienced and specialized team.

Corporate Sector Highlights

  • Elaboration of documentation and registration with public agencies;
  • Risk analysis and adequacy of corporate contracts in relation to its commercial purposes;
  • Acquisitions, mergers, incorporations and divisions;
  • Corporate reorganization, dissolution and liquidation;
  • Incorporation and structuring of companies;
  • Corporate litigation;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Operations of foreign companies in Brazil.


Labor Sector

Labor Sector Highlights

  • Labor liability assessment;
  • Labor litigation;
  • Legal opinions and document elaboration;
  • Prevention of disputes between employees and employers;
  • Agreement negotiations;
  • Assistance in lawsuits, human resources consultancy, union negotiations and consultancy in the areas of labor safety and social security.


In this sector, Cesar Peres Corporate Law operates in the reduction of damages caused by labor claims, advising companies and professional consultants, through prior and effective legal planning, in their relationships with employees, especially in the development of employment contracts, or in relation to disciplinary procedures and labor rights and obligations.

Tax Sector

Cesar Peres offers expert guidance to the accounting and financial areas of your company in relation to the correct interpretation of laws and normative acts, which directly interfere in the activity of your business, minimizing the risk of penalties.

The firm is also part of the Tax Sector services, providing a thorough review of payments that have not been correctly used in tax deeds, as well as the calculation of any undue payments, reverting them into financial credit. Also evaluated are the tax effects of mergers, divisions, incorporations and transformations of companies, providing clients with the relevant information for decision making.

Tax Sector Highlights

  • Administrative tax proceedings operations - defense preparation and filing of appeals against infraction notices;
  • Sponsorship of tax lawsuits, such as actions for owed taxes, annulment of tax credits, challenges against undue tax requests, filing of writs of mandamus, declaratory actions and precautionary actions;


  • Tax Planning and Consultancy - Study and planning of the most appropriate forms for company formation and structuring of enterprises and production systems, aiming at tax savings relative to all taxes.





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